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Our Baton Pass Community serves all women and we believe hope, resources, and empowerment should be available to all. Through the donations of generous donors we are able to offer multiple opportunities for women within our community including: 


Outreach Events

Hosting outreach events have been one of the major missions of our community. These events are opportunities to invite women, especially those in the midst of a painful season, into a hope-filled place. Our events are hosted in sacred spaces where brave women who share vulnerable & empowering stories of honest pain but eventual triumph. By sharing these stories of hope, trust and connection is cultivated. This often results in new friendships formed and support for women far after the event concludes. It is our mission that no woman would go through a season of struggle alone! Generous donations enable these events to continue impacting our cities across Chicagoland, Phoenix Valley, and beyond. 

Meeting Needs:  Scholarships, Resources and Special Gifts

Deployed Scholarships

Women seeking to advance their healing and to use their story to empower others are offered our 6-week Deployed Writing Workshop. Donations enable this workshop to be accessible to any woman through scholarships. 

Healing Resources

Donations enable us to connect women with powerful resources past Baton Pass events. These are organizations to seek further healing from focused retreats & support groups to get around women who can walk with them through their specific trauma.

Special Needs / Gifts

Within our community are women struggling with health issues, financial burdens, and sudden loss. Through donations, we have the opportunity to bless women with specific gifts to meet some of those particular needs.

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Supporting Fruit-Bearing Organizations

One of our core values is to support other fruit-bearing organizations. There are several sister organizations and ministries that have become great resources for the women in our community. Because TBP is committed to being a connector for women seeking more healing, we are deeply blessed to partner with such impactful & trusted organizations. Through donations, we've been able to financially give back to these organizations, supporting their mission & extending their reach.

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