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Our Mission

Empowering Women to Overcome

Our mission is to connect communities, equip individuals,

and empower overcomers to share their stories in a powerful way

that brings hope, healing, and radical restoration.

Why do we pass the baton?

Life is full of ups and downs. The “ups” of life are celebrated in community. We gather together to celebrate the birth of a new child, the anniversaries, and the list goes on. And that is awesome. I love a good party. We should celebrate the good in our lives.

Unfortunately, it’s the not-so-good to the really difficult that often doesn’t get talked about. But no one should have to go through pain, loss, struggle or adversity alone. I’ve been there. I’ve been in seasons of quiet desperation where my heart is heavy and I am overwhelmed by what just happened or what is currently happening.

And for me, I’ve found that keeping that hurt/pain/discouragement isolated and in the dark only makes it grow. However, when I am able to connect with someone who has been through what I am facing and is on the other side of it, that connection changes everything BECAUSE seeing ONE person who has persevered through what I am going through gives me hope that I can too. If God has brought him or her through _________, He can do it for me too.

Over the years, there have been a few instances in which I have been blessed to sit across from someone and be handed that “baton of hope,” and it has made all the difference. Therefore, I am passionate about passing the baton of hope to others. I am convinced that if more of us share our stories of overcoming and perseverance, we will continue to heal ourselves, and, in turn, we will also breathe hope into circumstances and situations that can be heavy and overwhelming.

The Baton Pass is not about me though… it’s about you. What season are you in?
Do you have a story of overcoming to share? Or are you in a season of quiet desperation in which you deeply desire someone to say “I’ve been there. I know what you are feeling. I validate those feelings, but I do know that better days of redemption, deliverance, and healing are ahead”?


Or maybe your heart just beats like mine. Maybe you desire to be able to offer your friend who is hurting more. You desire to connect that friend with someone who has walked in her shoes. I truly believe in divine connections. I believe that my loving Father in heaven put others in my path to pass the baton to me. I also believe that He wants to use me as a “divine connector”⏤one who connects the “overcomers” with those who deeply desire hope to be spoken over their situation.

It’s possible that you can identify with all three…
Ready to pass the baton.
Reaching for the baton being passed to you.
Desiring to see the baton pass happen in the life of s
omeone you love.

No matter where you find yourself, I invite you to join us on this journey.


Kelly O.

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