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The Mission & Role of our BP Ambassadors

The mission of The Baton Pass is impossible without the passionate hearts of extraordinary women across the different Baton Pass chapters who are making a difference! Women desiring to partner as an ambassador how the opportunity to serve in a wide range of different roles per each ambassador's passion, capacity, and skill-set.


Some of these roles include: assisting in event planning, hosting (table-leading) during outreach events, following up with women after events to ensure they are not walking alone and connecting them to a variety of resources. Ambassadors often have their own story of triumph and are quick to build hope-filled connections with those women currently in the struggle. This looks like getting coffee / milkshakes with women post event and building friendship. Ambassadors are often given the opportunity to share their unique stories of hope through a Baton Pass platform. And so much more...

Our Ambassadors also have access to special Baton Pass events that serve to encourage, teach & equip, and build deep, lasting friendship among our incredible ambassador team. From "Friendsgiving" dinners, to dessert gathering, prayer groups, to powerful planning sessions, these events are truly wonderful opportunities to grow together and also make a difference! 

Ambassadors who are local to Chicagoland or the Phoenix Valley are encouraged to attend & serve in one event per year. Ambassadors located in other parts of the country can connect through virtual outreach & Ambassador events as well as the Deployed virtual workshop. 

Ambassadors are essential to our Baton Pass community and we have deep gratitude for every single ambassador on our team! 

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